Machine referenceSLRE 043
Web width (mm)1250 mm max
Slit width (mm)100 mm
Type of Rewind modeAxial
Materials to be slittedPaper / Packaging film
Speed (m/min) 350 m/min depends paper quality and slit width
UnwindMonoshaft simplex, core diameter 3″and 2,7″, self cooling pneumatic brake, Tension control by dancer located on the rewinder, hydraulic reel loader
Reels diameter (mm)1100 mm
Web guide systemYes
Slitting devicePneumatic circular blades. Banana roller
Nbrs. Knives7
Rewinding modeAxial with monoturet system
RewinderPneumatic shaft 3″, 2,7″, 6″ and 6,7″
Maxi reels weight 300kg, cross cutting
Reels diameter (mm)600 mm
Additional informationDriving motor, electrical cabinet, control panel

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