Machine referenceSLRE 05
Web width (mm)820mm
Slit width (mm)20mm
Type of Rewind modeDuplex center rewinder
Materials to be slittedFilm, Laminated, Paper
Speed (m/min) 500 M/MIN
UnwindIntegrated cantilevered, electromagnetic brake, tension control, ultrasonic sensor, pneumatic shaft 3 »
Reels diameter (mm)800 mm
Web guide systemAutomatic edge guide device FIFE
Slitting deviceRazors ( possible to install shear or crush cut)
Nbrs. Knives5
Rewinding modeCenter, duplex
RewinderFriction shaft 3 », pneumatic shaft, cantilever system, lay on roll, tension control, ultrasonic sensor
Reels diameter (mm)2 x 610 mm
Additional informationControl panel, Electrical cabinet

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